Connecting 2 computers

I have a Windows 98SE Desktop with a BT Voyager card installed.I also have a Laptop windows XP with a PC card installed.

The router works fine,I connect to my broadband both at same time no prob.

Security and everything installed correctly.

What I want to do is :

I use my laptop more because more updated.

1) I want to use my printer on my Desktop. 2) and share files between the 2 occasionally.

Could someone please do me a step by step guide on how to do this.Eternally grateful.

I am not no expert at this.It has taken me all weekend to connect the 2.

Thanks in advance...

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Install NetBEUI, and do the local sharing through NetBEUI. (Most people do not have this arrangement. Their TCP/IP sharing will not get into your files).

Link to: Set NetBEUI as the Default Sharing Protocol in WinXP.

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Kevin..JoJo here...does this help at all??

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jojo might also try this newsgroup...that's where I found the other info.


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Kevin, did you see this??????? I'm trying to help as I'll be in the same boat soon....jojo

I've got a wireless linksys network with two XP computers and a Win 98 computer and have file sharing enabled on each machine. I found it necessary to run NetBEUI on each machine to share files with the Win 98 machine. To install that protocol on the XP maxhine, you need to use the XP install disc and manually navigate to the correct folder. On my disc, NetBEUI is located at VALUEADD | MSFT | NET | NETBEUI.

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Although NetBEUI can help with security, it's not at all necessary. On the XP machine run the network wizard and use the XP disk on the 98 machine to add the network info there. You only need to ensure that both machines use the same Workgroup name, but each must have distinct names of their own. You should get networked right away (you might need to disable browse master in the 98 machine) Keep the printer connected to the wired machine and add the printer as a network printer to the remote machine.

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