Prevent file sharing for one computer

I have a cable broadband connection with dynamic IP. I set up a wireless network to share internet and files on my laptop. I want to add a 3rd computer but only want it to share the internet connection and have no file sharing permissions.

Is there an uncomplicated way I can do this?

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If it can even be done on your unnamed wireless router, it will still be more complicated than using the firewall on the computer in question. You should ask in an OS newsgroup.

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Neill Massello

As I understand it your third m/c will not be able to share the files on the other two unless you have identical account names and passwords on all the m/cs. The methods and degrees of permission setting depend on the OS.

Do read this helpful article:

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as it helped me clear up some mystifying behaviour of my own attempts at home networking!

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Thanks, that was very helpful.

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