Experience with Linksys WAP54G and WRE54G (Repeater)

Hi - I recently picked up a linksys basestation and router and linksys repeater (my three story house has too much stone and tile to support just the wap's signal). I have the wap behind an SMC Barricade router (for the print server). When I set up the WAP, I couldn't figure out how to keep it from assigning addresses (I'd prefer that the Barricade assign addresses). But it still works. The problem occurs when I plug in the repeater. First, I tried to configure the repeater the way linksys recommends - but of course that doesn't work. Then I just pushed the magic "autoconfigure" button on the repeater and it seemed to work - at least for a little while. Unfortunately, without fail, whenever I plug the repeater in the whole network goes down shortly afterwards. It continues to go down every 1 or 2 minutes. Any suggestions or experience using this repeater? Thanks - Matt

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Return the WRE54G. I tried one and the same problems. Get a WRT54G and use WDS (with Talisman or Alchemy).


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