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I am using the Wifi-max usb network adapter for my wireless connection and i have a problem. It works fine but whenever my computer lags a bit, it dissconnects the connection for some reason. It is very annoying when playing online games, when u start the game up it will take some virtual memory on your computer and then the software disconnects. I know for a fact that theres nothing wrong with my computer because i have a belkin wireless adapter also and that doesnt dissconnect when i am doing high virtual memory stuff. Could someone help me on this or point me in the direction of some sotware thats better than the one that comes with the wifi-maxx dongle.

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Josh64 hath wroth:

Try several experiments.

  1. Instead of the tiny flimsy thin USB cable you're using between the USB device and the computer, replace it with a thick, heavy, un-bending, fat, USB cable. The shorter the cable, the better.

  1. If possible, plug the USB device directly into the computah, with no cable.

  2. If possible, try a different USB port, preferably one that's on a different USB chip such as commonly found on motherboard with USB ports on the front and back.

  1. Watch the hard disk lite. If the computer "lag" coincides with the disk activity, my guess(tm) is that the increased current drain on your computer when the HD is active is causing a slight drop in voltage to the USB port. I just "fixed" a friends machine with exactly this problem.

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