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Many people are in confusion to as whom, is the first user of the Internet and its evolution. I will explain, why the first user of Arpanet is the first user of the Internet.

During the late 80's and early 90's when I was eleven years old, using a dialup modem connected to Tymnet, I switched over from Tymnet to Telnet, and hanging around a government chatroom, a government employee gave me a text message that stated, the outdial number he gave me was to Arpanet, and that I will be it's first user. I connected to Arpanet with this outdial number he gave me and it said on the screen...

(something like) Arpanet. "Operation Red Sand" Government Property and Copyright(r)All Rights Reserved.

Login: Password:

But, I noticed something wrong, as if it was not connected at the back to anything, as if it were a splash page. I do not think there was a valid answer to the login and password question.


*This would have been, the first username and password to the worlds first internet user.

My name is Ken Pochinko, 'Dr. Digital' username: Miley Lindsey password: arpanet

(Part2) FEDERAL SECRETS OF ARPANET--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Arpanet, the first known net which later became through the technological evolution became the Internet.

The Government which designed an information super-highway called Arpanet as a tool, connecting itself through computers, by accident found itself one day conducting an experiment on the general public. Out of two dozen members of the Federal Government, 3 people from the general public found it's way to its debut. I was an attendant as 1 of the 3 people from the general public under the name of drd, 'Dr. Digital', at my young age of eleven. Conversations which were had between the general public and the Federal Government, were basic questions such as our true identity, and age as well as information about how the general public, found its way into the governments computer system.

I myself being the youngest at eleven years old, explained to the Federal Government about using a basic cable modem dialing into a local telephone number through a computer, which accessed a system called Tymnet, and with a keystroke through Tymnet did I now enter a system called Telnet, and through Telnet which required a large number called an outdial number, did I place and connect to the governments system.


  • Arpanet, was disfunctional but did have a place on Telnet with a login and password, but it was no more than a splash screen, displaying just the name 'Arpanet', 'Operation Red Sand' and it's copyrights to the government. There was never a functional username or password.

Before closing the interview with us 3 members of the general public, I did catch a conversation between the other 2 people of the general public, known as Phantasmumble and Dr. Dissector, who were asking the federal government about the Department of Defense, and how to hack its computer system using a username and password, the federal government replyed with the answer, I dont know and huh.

Although, using Tymnet that can access Telnet using an outdial number, most of the computers in the government were on Telnet. Also, there was a third option on the net system, called SprintNet, but operated differently instead of using large numbers, it used smaller numbers, separated with decimal points, such like

Today, you can still access Telnet using (Windows XP) by entering the 'Dos Prompt' and by simply typing in 'telnet' will you find yourself connected to it. You can now begin to connect yourself by opening a connection by typing in 'o'. When prompted, you just place in the address you would like to visit for example: 'valhalla.com 4242' that will connect you to a Telnet MUD game.


  • Telnet only works with Windows XP, and does not work with Vista, or Windows 7.



Digital Equipment Corporation of San Diego, California next to Top Gun Miramar Naval Air Station housed the only UNIX system ever built guarded by a team of professionals who allowed me, an eleven year old cadet of the U.S. Navy Cadet Corp, now of computer information technology with an extensive background from UNIX with large amounts of time spent on networks such as Arpanet, Tymnet, Telnet, SprintNet and the Internet providing information resource to the public and private sector.

Visiting the fortress of numerical button locks and state of the art id card swipe entry security door protections into DEC's brown office side entry doors to witness the full and complete operation in the high tech guarded office building being used to demonstrate that UNIX the state of the art technology in elite team members who in reality constructed a computer founded only in books and prints thats never been seen in the publics eyes that I disclose my real and true name, Ken Pochinko of Southern California vowing this UNIX secret and promise to you all the spilling truth of decades in work and design that I am here to tell UNIX's story as a computer of its own era which caused bloodshed and closure of DEC's corporate office in San Diego, California over national secrecy.

UNIX housed in the Digital Equipment Corporation office in San Diego, California had its own privacy behind a closed brown office door located a few floors up in the central area of the office building that I proudly swing open and expose to your mind and vision the sight that was mine to keep and cherish forever untill now for I share the shock of truth today introducing first hand the exposure of a computer never seen known as UNIX on bare floors under ceiling light of bright steel pipes running down its twin black mainframe bodies that I spoil this truth of sight showing how on hinges both towers can lean to their sides and spread across the ground showing complete emptiness of anything in them with steel pipes designed to carry its cables and power under them the fake and deliberate disguise of UNIX from you all and must all understand that this high security clearance in the government for its protection of leaks in information from anyone who would stumble across it that I give you this information of a fake computer system that someone layed carefully across its foundation ground in a secure office room masking the realities of UNIX.

Why? Because as Digital Equipment Corporation prides itself in achievement using methods of top secret guarding technologies protecting its investments and future did I quickly turn over the very same office located just outside the door from the fake UNIX on display down the hallway where at the desk of the office manager did Digital Equipment Corporation implement a decoy machine consisting itself with a fake power cord leading out the back of the computer tower that utilises a fake reset push button located in the power cord housing of the computer casing did I find a floppy disk sitting in the disk drive imposing to be the UNIX operating system carelessly left there begging a thieve to grab it is the very trick of the spy tower which lies in the disk drive latch movement when turned and closed will activate power to the system with the correct floppy disk did I catch the true and real UNIX placed just next to the spy tower pluged in gently so that I simply sat quietly down on the office chair in front of it and now begin to explain the true identity of the UNIX system.

First, the UNIX is a basic computer that looks like your average monitor. It has one power cord, a mouse and a cordless keyboard with a single cat-5 like telephone jack which plugs into the bottom front of it and no disk or floppy drives whatsoever. Second, the UNIX does not have any power buttons and the power cord must be pluged in to turn on and pulled out to turn off. Third, the UNIX when powered must first be given the command to 'BOOT' and upon success does it show on its screen 4 windows. And by using the arrow keys do you select one of the top 2 windows and by doing so may you type something such as, "Ken Pochinko" and the UNIX will return a value to the direct bottom window such as "Hello Ken".

The UNIX is a computer in function with little or no capabilities of anything and provides only 2 forms of answers based on greetings of the word "Hello".

I would like to thank everyone for letting me provide some background truth and facts into the UNIX machine based on accounts of my extensive knowlege of them in my time well spent as a UNIX user.

San Diego Ken 'Dr. Digital' Pochinko

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