Clarification on DR,BDR selection

Hi, We have some doubt in DR & BDR election among three switches.

Lets COnsider following three router Router R1 Priority P1 Router R2 Priority P2 Router R3 Priority P3

All the three routers are in Multiaccess N/W

Case 1: R2(Priority P2) > R3(Priority P3) > R1(Priority P1)

  • Initially Two Routers R1 & R2 comes UP * Then later Router R3 comes UP before wait-timer expiry of R1 & R2.

We are assuming DR, BDR election work as like the flow given in attachment txt file.

Let us know your input on this.

Thanks Senthil

R1(P1) R2(P2) R3(P3)


Router R2 compares its priority P2 with P1 and decide who is DR In our case P2 > P1 so DR=R2


  • Is this the way OSPF elects DR & BDR in a multiaccess N/W ?
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Once DR and BDR are selected, they do not relinquish the roles.

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