dll is linked to missing export Kernel32

Please help. What should I do? It says: Error Starting Program The WLANAPI.DLL file is linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:GetSystemWindowsDirectoryW.

The date on the dll file is 11/10/07, and the Kernel32 is date


When I click on OK, there is a box underneath that says C:\\Programs\\D-Link\\AirGCFG.exe A device attached to the system is not functioning.

I have WinME on an IBM Thinkpad laptop with 256M Ram, and everything has been running fine for a long time.

Except I don't use the laptop very often, and I can't remember if my almost new D-Link wireless card worked last month or not. I have a wireless-b card that I might have used then. But now the D-link bg-card wasn't working so I went to reinstall the software that goes with it. It required me to uninstall the software first, so I did and I reinstalled, and then it won't start the software and when I click on the icon, it gives the message WLANAPI.dll was missing, so I found and downloaded a copy of that. Then it wanted WZCSAPI.dll, so I dl'd a copy of that, which was dated 5/13/04. Now I get the messages at the top. I've googled but not found what I need.

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Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This message usually indicates that the version of the program, or at least the dll involved, you are trying to run isn't designed for use with the operating system you are using.

The problem isn't with kernel32.dll but rather with wlanapi.dll which is looking for an entrypoint GetSystemWindowsDirectoryW.to kernel32.dll that does not exist. The date of your copy of kernel32.dll, 8 June 2000, is that of the version that forms part of Win Me.

And thus the cause of your problem. You downloaded the incorrect version.

My advice would be to look for and install Win Me compatible drivers, if they exist, for your wireless card. I'd start with the D-Link site and work from there if you don't have them on a CD.

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Mike M

Thanks for the advice. I couldn't find anything on the D-link site, or any DLL file of this name that was specifically ME or 98.

So I figured it must have been in the original setup file, so I ran setup again and it didn't improve. So finally I had the great idea to rename wlanapi.dll (the one that doesn't work) and then run setup again. Then everything worked.

I didn't just run the setup program in the first place because the error message was so specific, but I shouldn't have let that get me.

I had a major hard drive crash a few months ago, and that's probably when I lost this file. I thought I had used this wireless card since then, but when I used it yesterday, the list of possible networks as displayed in this software was new to me, so I guess I never did run it in this country. (I bought the wireless card overseas.)

Thanks a lot.

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I'm pleased to read that you have now got the card working.

That is to be expected. The manufacturer's provide installable driver packages not individual files as it is never really sensible to work at the individual file level when installing drivers but rather one should install the entire package as supplied. In your case it would appear that when you first tried reinstalling the driver it was not replacing the none Win Me compatible version of wlanapi.dll so renaming it as you did was a good step to take.


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Mike M

It's sometimes helpful to dig into the setup files for the driver and look in any files ending in .INF

Those files are typically how the installer decides which files are going to be copied. Sometimes it helps to find those files, move them into a temporary directory somewhere and then retry the setup. If you can't move the files then you may have to boot into safe mode to do it. Thus make notes of the INF (don't waste the paper printing ALL of it) and move them while in safe mode. I've had good luck doing this for screwy drivers in the past.

But make note of what was where before you moved them. It's possible for any number of things to go wrong. Having the files still on disc will ease recovering from a blue screen or similar disaster.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

Why is a blue screen a disaster?

I have my screen set to blue and so far have not have a problema. Should I change the colour of my screen to prevent disaster? If so what is the best colour to prevent disaster? I don't want to lose my wireless link.

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Baho Utot

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