Losing WPA-PSK settings

I have recently switched from using WEP to WPA-PSK. When switching users or when restarting the machines my network connection "loses" the password. Once I re enter it the connection is re-establiched fine. How can I stop this?

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On 24 Mar 2007 02:08:37 -0700, "Andy" wrote in :


What are you using to manage the connection? If Wireless Zero Configuration (part of Windows XP), then the passphrase should be saved automatically. If something else, then you may need to explicitly enable saving of the passphrase. In the case of Windows XP WZC:

  1. Have you made sure the connection is configured for _auto_ connection (not manual)?
  2. Does Repair the connection work? It can take up a minute to reestablish a connection.

For more info, see:

  • Wikis below
  • "How to troubleshoot wireless network connections in Windows XP" .
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John Navas

Could be faulty drivers.

Try removing the device (in the device manager), rebooting and then when the device is found, reload the device drivers.

Note: Removing the device will remove all stored passwords, etc.

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Jerry Park

I am using XP to connect.

I am guessing that you mean on the Association tab of my wirelss network properties the "key is provided for me automatically. If so then this is greyed out and cannot be changed. If not then where do I locatethis option?

Thanks in advance

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On 25 Mar 2007 00:36:24 -0700, "Andy" wrote in :


View Available Wireless Networks > select Preferred Network > Properties

Then I suspect manual versus auto.

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John Navas

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