DI-524 Problems with XP

Excuse me if I've asked this before, but I've missed a chunk of this group due to local problems. The wireless router works flawlessly with Windows

2000 but won't even see a network in Windows XP Professional SP2. A friend says it's a known problem with a fix but I haven't found it.

Any ideas?

Again, sorry if this a duplicate question.

-- Herb snipped-for-privacy@herbstein.com

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Herb Stein
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Did you disable the SP-2 firewall?

Update for SP-2:

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D-Link firmware v.1.05 for the DI-524:
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Doug Jamal

Have you tried opening up the network? Just to test the connection? I was having problems connecting to my DI-524 (firmware V. 1.05) from my laptop (XP SP2) - couldn't even see it; saw my neighbours' networks just fine! - until I turned off MAC filtering; there's an issue with it in V. 1.05 (posted here when V. 1.05 was released):

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Other than that, I can give you hope for a solution because I connected without incident once I turned off MAC filtering, so DI-524 plus XP SP2 can work.

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