Routers: DI-524 vs. DI-624


Anyone know the advantage of the DI-624 if you don't use the D-Link DWL-G650 Xtreme G wireless Cardbus Adapter? I would think that without the adapter, you won't go faster than 54 mbps and therefore there's no reason to buy the DI-624.

Unless the DI-624 has other advantages?


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Robert Langlois
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Hi, It may have better range or peer to peer file x-fer may be faster if you ever use it for that. Any how, D-link anything is not my cup of tea.

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Tony Hwang

Tony Hwang wrote in news:Lb4Ig.467916$Mn5.316896@pd7tw3no:

It depends on hardware revision, but certainly with Rev C hardware the two products are essentially the *same*.

It's just a marketing exercise: the DI-624 firmware supports has the Atheros-proprietery 108 Mbit/s speed, the DI-524 firmware doesn't.

It is possible to load DI-624 firmware on a DI-524 so making the DI-

524 support the fabled 108 Mbit/s speed.

More info here:

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Hope this helps

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