Security problems with DI-524 and WN825G

I am trying to get a Motorola WN825G card (driver = to work with a DLink DI-524 (f/w = 1.12) with security enabled (WPA-PSK). With security DISABLED, it works great. With security ENABLED, I am able to connect to the AP and even get an IP Address, but I am unable to ping the router or anything else on the local network. Well, I can ping sometimes but can only get 50% success at best. On my PC I have "network authentication" set to WPA-PSK to match the DI-524 (router/ap), but there is another setting called "data encryption" that I have set to both TKIP and AES (neither of which work any better). Is there something else that needs to be set/adjusted/changed? Please help if you can.

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Ensure that the key is identical on each way is to cut and past...sometimes with different mfr devices unless you use a generic type key ie random characters and number they don't alway redognize the the key.... ..Are you using the card utilities or windows wireless zero.... One other thought is this could be a firewall issue...try disabling it and see if it connects...if it does you will need to configure the fw to accept the network

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