DG834G Acting as wireless bridge.

I wanted to buy Netgear DG834G recently. I would connect it ADSL line in a few months but right now I need to use it as a bridge with another wireless access point (my ISP).

So, what I would like to do is for DG834G to be conected to my ISP's AP "on one side" and to my two laptops and PDA "on onather side" thereby providing Internet access to my home network.

Is this possible? Thanks

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Yes except that the connection to the DG834G must be by an ethernet cable from one of its 4 LAN ports to a LAN port on your existing router or LAN. You can then hang computers off both its wireless and its remaining three LAN ports. You can not have the DG834G connect by its wireless to another wireless access point.


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Anthony R. Gold

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