Cookie filtering and DD-WRT v23 SP2

I turned on Filter Cookies under Security > Firewall and I was unable to sign-in to ebay, plus had another site that had issues.

So if you have DD-WRT v23 SP2, and ebuy isn't letting you sign in [keeps looping back to signing in] look at Filter Cookies...

Now why would DD-WRTs cookie filtering kick back ebuy's cookies? Tunes to the key of "X"...

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Louis Ohland
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Louis Ohland hath wroth:

Blocking all cookies is generally a bad idea. eBay isn't the only site that will break.

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If you're worried about anyone finding out that you've been surfing the porno sites, just wipe the cookies after you're done and nobody will know. It's much easier than blocking them. You can also have some browsers wipe all cookies on exit.

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