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Hello all,

I'm testing how to crack wireless. A friend of mine has setup a wifi adsl router. I've found wep password and now i can connect to the network, but router does not support DHCP, so how can I find IP range of network?

I've tested with an ip scan, but too many ips, seems not to be usefull. With netstumbler I've found AP mac address, but not the manifacturer (it's results )...

Any ideas?



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Gianluca hath wroth:

Yeah, right, sure, of course you are.

If you've cracked the WEP password, you should be able to take the capture file and use the WEP key to decrypt the contents. I'm lazy and think you should do some reading first:

formatting link
formatting link
formatting link
you have decrypted the capture file, you feed it to a decoder such as WireShark. That will display source and destination IP's as well as packet contents etc.

Won't work. The IP addresses are encrypted along with the payload data. Only the MAC addresses are visible.

Fake just means that the MAC address is not in the manufacturers database. Don't worry about it.

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