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I have a DSL wireless setup upstairs in my home. I couldn't get any signal downstairs so I ran a category 6 cable 50' to a point downstairs that I thought would accomodate all of downstairs. Well, it worked...but there is still a back room (where I planned to put a home office) that gets a very weak signal if any signal at all. What I'd like to do is run an additional 25' or 50' of cable to a point just outside that room.

So my question is: Can I get some sort of connector to connect the two cables ? Does such a product exist ? I've tried to search around a bit, but I don't even know what to call it. Or does it have to be spliced by hand ? The alternative is to just go out and buy a longer cable, but I'd really rather not run another cable all the way upstairs. It was a horrific process that wouldn't be easy to repeat. Finally, if I were to succeed at lengthening the cable, what sort of distance limitations might I encounter ? I realize there must be some sort of distance limit. The 50 footer worked fine, but I'm starting to worry that getting closer to 100' might result in a dramatically weaker signal.

I'd appreciate any advice you folks might be able to offer. I'd particularly like any suggestions for web sites that would be good sources for this sort of information.

Thanks very much, --DB

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Go to Radio Shack they have a unit that you plug each end of the network cable into. Looks like the one you can use to extend your phone line with, but is has more pins.. You can run cat 5 cable 100 meters so your ok with the length..

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gene martinez

If you are just moving the downstairs AP the simplest solution for adding a second section of cable would be a RJ-45 coupler. While it is hardly the cheapest source Radio Shack carries one as part number

279-444 for $6.89 that they claim is available in most stores. It's page on their site is:

If you wish to add a second AP downstairs then what you need depends on the AP you are using. If it has multiple network jacks then it has an built in switch and all you need to do is to connect your second cable to one of the unused LAN jacks and take it from there to your second AP.

If your AP only has one jack then you will need to install a switch. In that case you will plug the cable from upstairs into the uplink port on the switch if it has one, otherwise any port should work. You will then plug a patch cable from another port on the switch into your first AP. Finally you will take a cable from a unused port on the switch to you second downstairs AP. One possible choice for a switch that should be fairly readily obtained would be the Netgear FS605 from Staples for $29.98. It can be found on their site:

Ethernet switches and RJ-45 couplers are both relatively generic items so if you look around you should be able to easily find cheaper models that will work fine. I merely listed those two because most people in the US would probably be able to get them without resorting to mail order.

Finally, you shouldn't have to worry about cable length until you are approaching 300' unless you cable is kinked or the jacks on the end are miswired. If possible though it would be best to limit the use of couplers as much as you can.

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Many thanks for your advice. I just today discovered that the thing I need is called a "coupler". So I go down to the local computer store to buy a coupler. They had a dozen different types of RJ45 CAT 5 couplers. But I have CAT 6 cable. They had no CAT 6 couplers. So I figured I'd buy some CAT 5 cable. All they had was purple or green CAT 5 cable. They had tons of CAT 6 cable in every color under the sun... So I called all the usual suspects: Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City...all said the same thing: No CAT 6 couplers, and No CAT 5 cable. So I finally found a place online that specializes in cables. Problem solved.

Thanks for all the other advice too.


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You could also use a wireless range extender instead of running all that cable. Here's an example of a couple by Netgear. I use the DWL-G710 to reach my trouble spots.

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