cordless phone interference

... if anyone's still here with all this MIS Persecution spam...

I have a laptop running wireless with a Belkin pre-n router (Much better than the WRT54G we had before). We have three Radio Shack

2.4GHz cordless phones. Use of which, of course,usually beaks the wireless connection.

Any suggestions for new cordless phone on a different frequecy?

Or is there some other solution?


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I bought a Panasonic KX-TG5453 at Costco. This is three handset,

5.8GHz-only. I've always liked Panasonic phones and answering machines. The KX-TG5432M with two handsets, is $108 at Radio Shack.
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900 Megaherz cordless phones are still available, and they do a very good job of communicating. Especially, in my opinion, the Uniden spread-spectrums. E-bay should list several.
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Jack Daniels

In many ways the 900mhz SS phones are superior to their 2.4 and 5.8ghz counterparts. They have some great stuff out there nowadays!


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My 15 years old 900MHz is still working and not interfering with my

11b/g WiFi. I tested a new 2.4GHz GE cordless. Weird thing is, I can be surfing the internet over WiFi and talking on my 2.4GHz (right next to my WiFi card) at the same time. I did not lose internet connection at all. How do you explain that? Maybe I only tested it for a short time (less than 30 seconds)?
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On Wed, 29 Nov 2006 09:56:40 -0800, Ron wrote in :

Better behaved 2.4 GHz cordless phones don't trash the entire band, so they can coexist with Wi-Fi, although how well can vary by channel.

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John Navas

We've got a Nexxtech (el cheapo) 2.4 gig phone, and we haven't had any interference yet. The wife uses it whilst sitting in front of the DGL

4300. As you get closer to the antenna (on the router), you can hear it clicking in the 'phone's handset, but the connection to my Airport Extreme never dies. Router's broadcasting on channel 6, I'm not sure where the 'phone is.
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