wifi connected but doesn't recognize DNS

Hi, I just got a new HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop.

Computer shows I am connected to strong unsecured wifi signal but when I click on IE I get "Don't recognize DNS of microsoft.com". (My computer is probably the only one on the planet who's not heard of microsoft.)

I called HP and they want to sell me a router for $69 plus shipping. But since I'm getting wifi signal I figure hotspot has a router already, correct?

Thanks for any help, Maryann

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bchwlkr hath wroth:

I'm jealous.

Is this *YOUR* wi-fi access point? If not, who's system are you trying to connect? Do you have permission? Some systems require additional sofware, such as a VPN client to get anywhere. Some have filters to keep people out.

MicroWhom? Try this: Start -> run -> cmd ipconfig Is the IP address 169.254.xxx.xxx with a blank gateway IP address? If so, your unsecured wi-fi "signal" is not delivering a DHCP address to your client. It also didn't deliver a DNS server IP address, so you can't find the IP address of Microsoft (or anyone else).

Nope. If you don't know anything about the system, there's no guarantee that you can use it. Incidentally, you'll also get the same effect if they have a MAC address filter running, that doesn't know about your new dv9000.

Find someone with a known working access point or public hotspot and see if you can get it working.

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