Comcast 2Mb Internet Speed

Has anyone used this speed? How is it? I don't upload many files at all, maybe just some pictures. Comcast doesnt advertise this speed at all, but it is only $24.95 vs $42.95 for 6 Mb, which I'm told most people dont get anyways.

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I believe it is 256 Kb not 2 Mb.

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The home service of most cable providers is asymmetric. I use Time-Warner, who used to have 6 Mbs down, 256Kbs up. Recently, our service was upgraded to 8 Mbs down and 512 Kbs up. I can get the full

8 Mbs speed from some download sites, but most are slower depending on their link speed and other traffic.


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Larry Finger

Agree, but he likely was talking about the unadvertised retention plan which currently is 256/256kb.

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