Wifi range woes

I have a WRT54GL 802.11g router with DD-WRT firmware running WPA encryption. Everying is great except for the wireless range. I have many dead spots in my house and want to fix this by either

1) Getting another WRT54GL in WDS or Universal Repeater mode


2) Getting a MIMO Draft N Router

My Big questions are

a) Will WDS/Repater modes slow down my bandwidth noticeably ? (Some say it will cut throughput to half) b) Will WDS/Repeater work with WPA c) Is MIMO really *much* better than a regular router from a coverage perspective d) Is a PreN router (300 Mbps) going to make any differerence whatsoever compared to a regular router (54Mbps) given that my ISP puts in no more than 5MBPS

Thanks a Lot!

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That is correct. Its basically a half-duplex repeater. The receiver receives a string of packets and then shuts off while the transmitter retransmits the string.

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