Cheap switch work like this?

I'm putting together two new computers to add to my LAN and don't feel like buying any new wireless hardware. Adding two computers is going to bring the number of computers in one particular room to four.

I have a spare DWL-7100AP that can work as a wireless client. Am I correct in that I can just throw a switch behind it to get all four computers networked? They'll all pull DHCP from the wireless router, no? Reading conflicting descriptions of what I "switch" is. I always thought it was just a hub with with some smarts at MAC level -- yet, still simple.

I was thinking of a cheap $20 Dlink DSS-5+ (5 port) switch to this:

(Actually, my setup is more involved than what is below, but for simplicity using below as example. If below works, then what I have in mind will work.)

[C1]------| [C2]------| [C3]------| [C4]------+---[Switch]-----[Client]~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~[Wireless Router]-----WAN

If this doesn't work, then I'm not sure exactly what the hell a "switch" is.


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On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 21:13:43 GMT, "Eric" wrote in :


Yes. A wireless client is a bridge. The only issues to watch out for are wireless clients with MAC address limits, but that shouldn't be a problem with the DWL-7100AP.



It should work.

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John Navas

Thanks.. I came across a description of a switch, more involved than it need be, that had me double-guessing if a switch was just the simple device I thought it was...

Cheap $20 switch will definetly save some dollars and keep the air clean.

Off to Newegg... :^)

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