Catching a wireless camera broadcast

If there is an unsecure wireless camera broadcast in your immediate area, is there a way to detect this signal and view the camera?

Thanks, John

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John ©
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Curious : why do you want to know this ? With so many security and nanny cams around I would hate to think you're wanting this newsgroup to educate the world how to be a crook or a sicko pedophile.

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Sorry, I guess you have to have a sicko mind to assume that I had sicko motives. The reason I asked about this, is because my complex has security cameras that broadcast the grounds area of where I live. So what I want to do is log into cameras veiwing public spaces of the area where I live. But I could see how knowledge of this could be bad in the wrong hands.

Cheers, John

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John ©

An excellent reason to find out if such cameras exist! You can warn the management of their security hole.


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Tim Haynes

Icom makes a radio receiver (handheld with screen) that will do it. Model IC R3

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Kingfish Stevens

It'll really depend on how their system is set up, if it uses WiFi cameras, if they have security turned on, if they are viewable from the Internet (*), and other stuff. You're kinda on your own...

(*) At least one model of WiFi camera IME has a password security hole, but since I own one of them I'm not going to go into details, and I'd be _real_ surprised if your complex used them anyway...

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William P.N. Smith

This reminds me of "the lobby channel" story broadcast on This American Life (listen to it at ). It's the story of a guy who was tuning around on his VCR (probably one of the old ones that had analog settings for each channel) and ran across a video broadcast of a building lobby on his CATV system.


John © wrote:

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That obviously won't work. The R3 picks up NTSC video, not WiFi video.

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D. Stussy

Try driftnet... will sniff and rebuild jpegs, etc as it sniffs em. also will play mpegs as it sniffs them. doesn't matter if it's wifi or not, just need to be able to sniff the traffic and you're set.


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