Right here is my problem.

I want to connect to my home wifi in a building (X) 330m away from my house. There is a four story building in the way (A).If I put a cantenna on top of building A which is aimed at my house with the wifi, and connect it to another cantenna aimed at building(X) would I be able to receive wifi in building X. I don't want to have anything but a laptop to receive the wifi in building X. Is this possible?Would I need a cantenna on my house aswell?

Please be aware I am on a very tight budget.


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Tight budgets and successful results are usually mutually exclusive.

Spinning your wheels trying to make a low cost solution work only wastes your time

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"networknewbie" wrote in message news:

Google "parasitic antenna".

Is it possible @ 2.3GHz? Maybe, but I doubt it. Even if you could boost the power on your AP/router, I don't think your laptop would have the power to respond back. I'm not sure that a cantana would be a good choice for the parasitic elements either. In the event I'm completly wrong about everything else I said above, yes, a cantana or similar hi-gain antenna would be required on both ends.

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