Anybody have any experience with the cantenna? I was going to buy the wirelessgarden cantenna but it only has a 3 foot cable. I dont know if the 3 foot cable is a piggy back N type like the one on my current antenna. I dont want to buy it if my current SMA to N style piggy back wont plug into it. The pictures on their website look like theres a connector on the cantenna itself, but they only list the connector on the oposite end as being the tiny SMA. Anybody know? anybody have any input on the cantenna in general? 12 dbi directional seems alot better than my 8 dbi omni directional antenna (and i can get a signal with that)

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They could have AT LEAST said what kind of connector was on the actual can itself.

Hard to tell from the posted DRAWINGS (which are not as reliable as PHOTOGRAPHS of the coax), its hard to tell the type of coax. Judging by the drawing it appears to be curled up in a four inch circle and likely to be LRM-100 (or equalvilant cable) with a .4 dB loss per foot. LMR-195 or -200 (which have comparable loss, .19 dB vs .17 dB per foot) will not curl up that tight

The 7 ft extension cable is listed as having a male Reverse SMA and a female reverse SMA, but we don't know if that extension is to plug into the supplied 3 ft. pigtail reverse SMA or into the can (reverse SMA?). It appears to be LMR-195 or -200 as LMR-100 too lossy more than a foot or two.

You could get a reverse SMA to Type N adapter to connect their can or cable to your cable.

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Point DTC is making is that IF you gain an extra 4 db with the cantenna, you don't want to lose it going thru a lossy cable.


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That antenna has a nice tripod, but unless you nail it down its going to go all over the place.

*PERSONALLY* I'd mount a REAL antenna on two blocks of wood.
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$40 19 dBi
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$35 15 dBi
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