cannot connect to the internet after standby - have to re-boot

I have no friends so I never see such problems. Any particular wireless router? Any particular wireless client radio? Any particular brand of computer? Any particular Windoze mutation (Pro, Home, Media Edition, SP2?)

Are you sure it's standby and not hibernate?

There are 4 layers of "standby" on the typical PC. I'll assume the mystery PC is a laptop so I don't miss any. Your job is to give your soon to be former friend the bad news that he will need to disable each layer, one at a time, until the culprit can be identified.

  1. Power save on the wireless adapter. This is in the properties for the unspecified wireless device.
  2. System hibernate and/or standby. They're quite different and are buried in the Control Panel under "Power Options"
  3. Screen blanker. It may seem odd but I've found one laptop (Toshiba A45-S515) that would kill the wireless connection when the screen blanker kicked in. Don't ask me why. I don't know.
  4. BIOS based power save. You'll have to dive into the CMOS to twiddle with these. If running ACPI, they can be set by the Power Options in the Control Panel, but it's a good idea to check them anyway. In desktops, it's sometimes called the "Green PC" settings.

If your soon to be former friend doesn't want to go through that exercise, you scan try this trick and see if it works: Start -> Run -> CMD IPCONFIG /RELEASE wait about 10 seconds IPCONFIG /RENEW This sorta kick starts the wireless card and try's to convince it that it should wake up and renew the DHCP lease. Another similar trick is to find the wireless icon in the system tray, right click, and select followed by . Don't do the "repair connection" as it takes way too long to complete.

Yes. Reduce the number of friends you know with computers and they won't bother you with such questions.

In the future, it's a good idea to supply:

  1. What you're trying to accomplish. (You did that).
  2. What you have to work with. (You did that very badly).
  3. What you've done so far. (You didn't supply that).
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Jeff Liebermann
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A simply .bat file:

ipconfig /release_all ipconfig /renew_all

should do it.

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Derek Broughton


My friend is running WinXP and using a linksys wireless router.

When his PC comes out of standby mode it cannot connect to the internet. I suspect because it loses the wireless connection to the router. He told me the only way to re-establish internet access it is to reboot the pc.

Any suggestions on how this can be fixed?

Thanks for any info.


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Ian R

Interesting. Just thought I'd note a friend of mine (always a "friend", no? :-) ) has a similar problem. I don't know if standby comes into it, nor why with adsl he disconnects in the first place, but if he disconnects from the net, he has to reboot before he can reconnect. Don't know what hardware. It's on my list of Things to Do.

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Mike Scott

I suppose the friend ought to be asked if he is running Windows XP-SP2, where some cards were freed from this problem.

I find that annoying, because my icon disappears when I disable, so I have to wander off to Network Neighborhood to enable it. I put a couple of icons on the desktop for disable and enable, because I do want to disable/enable my WiFi occasionally.

That doesn't take so long for me...

Get a different computer. My Dell would return to proper use very quickly from either standby or hibernate. My Fujitsu recovers okay from standby, but takes so long to come back from hibernate that it is faster to reboot. This seems to have something to do with network connectivity, not particularly WiFi.

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Same problem here. Motorola Cable Modem connected to Linksys Router WRT54GX wired (NOT wireless) to two PC's running XP-SP2. One PC has Linksys Ethernet PCI card. Other PC has built in port on ASUS A8N-E nvidia nforce4 ultra motherboard. Firmware and drivers all up to date. Powersaving turned off except for monitors. After an extended amount of idle time (not sure how short, but two hours brings on symptoms) computers no longer see internet. Repairing link doesn't work. ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew doesn't work. Rebooting does work, but I'd hate to have to reboot everytime I want to check email after a few hours away from the machine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Derek Brought>

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Same problem here.

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Barry OGrady

Try adding your DNS server IP to the Trusted list in your firewall. Seems to have worked for me. Check this thread:

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