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I have a personal laptop that I often take to work. Internet access there is *very* limited; none of the employees, save for the supervisors, can go anywhere on the internet except our company's website using our work computers. Our office has a wireless network, as well, so when things are slow, I'll connect using my laptop through the company's wireless network.

Question: If I'm on my own personal laptop using their wireless connection, is there any record of my internet activity left behind, or stored, on *their* network or any of *their* computers?


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Maybe. It all depends on how much they care; there's no technical reason why they can't keep such records.

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Bert Hyman

Sure. If they're Unix servers, then there will be an entry in syslog. If the company network requires 802.1x authentication, then there will be an entry in the RADIUS logs. If there's an IDS (intrusion detection system), all initial connections will be logged. Because of the apparent efforts your company has put into security, chances are very high that there will be evidence of your transgressions somewhere.

Whether there's any evidence of what you're browsing is somewhat less probable. Most of the "content filtering" type of firewalls I play with include URL logging. Everything you connect to gets logged. Even my Linksys BEFW11S4v4 does that using SNMP. Hard to tell from here, but it's possible that they're logging your URL's.

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Jeff Liebermann


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You had best believe that they can track anywhere you have been if you're assessing the Internet through their network. Sure, you could clear your machine of any activity. But that leaves the company's firewall logs that logs network traffic to and from the Internet. They will know what site by WAN IP you have visited and look it up and what LAN IP on their network it's coming from and eventually track it back to you.

I worked at a company where the Controller of Finance was in his office surfing p*rn sites from his computer during his lunch hour. I was told about this by a co-worker who at the time his job was working network security before he moved back to programming, as they watched his activites through the FW logs. Needless to say, he was terminated but that happened after he was put in a comer cubical to be embarrassed.

I am sure they will find you if you're doing something you have no business doing on company time. :)

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

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That is *corner*!

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