Mac address filtering on Linksys WRT54G

I'd like to enable Mac filtering on my linksys WRT54G router. I'm a little hazy on which devices need to be set up. Do I just set up the wireless devices in Mac filtering or do I add the wired devices, too?

Also, Is there a quick way to see the Mac address of each computer's Mac address?

Thanks, Jon

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Carumba! I shouldn't be allowed to type before finishing my morning coffee.

The second question should read... Also, Is there a quick way to see the Mac address of each computer's network device?


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sorry to correct you... that should be ipconfig /all on win2k and xp (note the space).

in win95/98/me, type winipcfg.

linux, type ifconfig -a


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AFAIK only the wireless devices are filtered.

(In a command prompt/DOS box) ipconfig/all and look at physical address

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William P. N. Smith

Or install this utility to get winipcfg capability in XP:

formatting link

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Bob Horton

The routeur provides you with MAC adresses of connected elements... You just have then to authorize them.


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Fred y Mercury

Sorry to correct you back, but neither my XP nor my 2K machines require the space.

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