IOS MAC Address filtering?

Hi folks. I am currently using a 2821 Router with IOS v 12.4(10a). I want to be able to configure the router so that only the specified MAC address I enter in a list are allowed to option an IP address and allow to access the network. How can I do this? Thanks.

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Just set up a bridge group where you apply a MAC address ACL filter and set up a DHCP. Search bridge group at If you want a fix assignament MAC address IP you, AFAIK, must set up as many DHCP pools as you need.

TIA Alex.

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Hey Alex,

I will check it out. I am just start> ridergroov wrote:

a DHCP. Search bridge group at

many DHCP pools as you need.

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As an addendum to the other reply, think of a Cisco Etherswitch as a Layer 2 device, and a Cisco Router as a Layer 3 device. By default all Switch interfaces are Layer 2 Ports and al Router interfaces are Layer

3 Ports. Your prime requirement (a MAC Filter or ACL) brings up a conflict with this (you want to apply both Layer 2 and Layer 3 controls to the same interface). By default Cisco does not allow this, BUT they provide a good method for handling this type of issue. To be able to apply both types of filers (ACL's), you need to put the PHYSICAL interface into Layer 2 mode and then link it with a Layer 3 LOGICAL interface -
  1. Put the Physical Port into Layer 2 Mode (as a Switch port), 2. Create a "Virtual" Layer 3 interface (a BVI or Bridged Virtual interface). 3. Then Link the Layer 2 interface to the Layer 3 interface via a Bridge Group. 4. Configure your Layer 2 properties on the Physical interface. 5. Configure your Layer 3 properties on the BVI.

As the BVI is a virtual interface that runs at processor speed there is minimal performance hit using Bridging functions this way.

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