BEFW11S4v4 - MAC filtering input failure

Problem: MAC addresses not storable in table in router

Router: BEFW11S4v4 Firmware: 1.50.14 (installed and REinstalled)

Discussion: When I access the router setup screens, I go to WIRELESS>WIRELESS NETWORK ACCESS and click on the RESTRICT ACCESS radio button then manually enter a MAC address (e.g. of my laptop wireless card) and drop down to the bottom of the table and click on SAVE SETTINGS. At this point I get the router ENTER NETWORK PASSWORD screen as if I am logging in when first going to the setup screens. I enter my password (NOT the default p/w), click OK and the router ENTER NETWORK PASSWORD screen reappears.

Anyone have any ideas on what's going on and what to do about it?


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George Hitz
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I have the exact same router and firmware revision and it doesn't do that. However, I don't try to type in the MAC addresses. Instead, I use the "Wireless Client MAC List" button, check the ones I want to add, and save. The router will do a restart, and should return to the login page. However, the login window gets screwed up by popup killers and the browser cache. After mistyping the password, I sometimes (not often) find that I have to exit the browser, empty the browser cache, restart the browser, and then try to login. You could be looking at the page from the cache instead of from the router.

Also, if you just updated to 1.50.14, you might wanna reset your router to defaults and start over. Sometimes, I see firmware updates that try to save the previous settings, and end up saving garbage instead. I don't recall if 1.50.14 is one of those. When things start acting wierd, methinks it's best to start clean.

Drivel: I hadn't looked at my "Wireless Client MAC List" for a while and just found a dozen new wireless clients in the neighborhood. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I doubt that it's war drivers. Probably just random distant packets blown in by the wind.

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Jeff Liebermann

Of course not ... that's my next step ... but I was hoping the guru's here would have had experience with the problem and offer a possible solution if I were overlooking something simple or stupid ...

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George Hitz


Thanks for your interesting ideas ... things I hadn't thought about.

I shut off pop up and ad filter (same progam), NAV & firewall (hey, why not?) and flushed the old browser cache - exiting and restarting - and still no joy.

As suggested, it is time to call tech support and get some further guidance. I can hardly wait for the experience.

Thanks for your suggestions !

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George Hitz

George Hitz wrote in news:

Something wrong with asking Linksys Tech Support, they should be able to help you figure out your PSW issues?

Duane :)

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