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Hans, can you tell me what the hell this box does? They call it a wireless ethernet converter. I've read the text a couple of times but I can't figure out under what circumstances you would need it. My wireless access point seems to do the same thing.

The only think I can think of is if one had a room with 4 PC's wanting access to the internet that's avaolable on a 5th PC, you plug all 4 into this box and it would communicate with the wireless access point on that 5th PC with internet. Or am I missing the point? Rob

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On Thu, 09 Nov 2006 16:43:24 GMT, rob wrote in :

A "wireless Ethernet converter" is a wireless *client* bridge between an infrastructure Wi-Fi network and wired Ethernet device(s). It can be used to attach a device (computer, game console, etc.) to a Wi-Fi network using an Ethernet port and cable.

A "wireless access point" is a *host*. It cannot be used as a *client* unless it can be switched into that mode. Some can; many cannot.

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John Navas

Well, I did look up the key words you used: client and host and just about every link I came across assumed one knows the difference. I really don't know, but let me guess.

A host is hooked to a PC with a direct/wired connection to the internet, and the client isn't?

Back to the 'wireless internet converter', all I can figure that it would be useful for is if one had, say, 4 computers in a room and needed a link to a central PC with an access point. Rather than get wireless cards for each of the 4, just wire them into this box and make the connection. Buy one box and save the cost of 4 wireless adapters?


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On Sat, 11 Nov 2006 01:36:51 GMT, rob wrote in :

(From the wiki links in my sig block)

See the links above, and re-read my prior answer more carefully.

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