Boost Reception for a Remote Laptop

Any ideas on how to boost a marginal reception for a Laptop with a wireless lid antenna receiving from a standard D-Link G Router. It is an internal antenna in the lid of the laptop. I have suggested to the person that he make some type of a simple reflective antenna to focus the signal but he seems to be resistant to this . Any ideas or recommendations ?

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Improve the antenna on the D-Link wireless router.

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John Navas

"" hath wroth:

  1. Add external pigtail to MiniPCI card inside laptop. Attach external antenna.
  2. PCMCIA adapter with an external antenna connector. Attach a biquad, panel, dish, can, yagi, or whatever, via a pigtail
  3. USB wireless adapter with some kind of reflector or attached antenna.
  4. Wireless ethernet bridge or game adapter. Plugs into ethernet port on laptop. Attach external antenna via pigtail. Requires power to ethernet bridge so this might be a bit messy.
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Jeff Liebermann

The DLink should have a simple reflector added. You don't mention where the reluctance lies, but I wouldn't be interested in adding a reflector or external antenna to my inbuilt WiFi.

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