Amplifying a Laptop Lid Antenna Signal

I have a friend with a laptop with an internal antenna. He is in a commercial building somewhat away from the router. Signal and connection are there. He would like to improve his reception. Any ideas ? Reflective antennas for the laptop lid based antenna ? OS is Windows Xp .

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USB Wi-Fi adapter with directional antenna. Hawking makes one that reportedly works well.

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John Navas

Depends on the electrical circuits.. I use this

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plug into the router and a wall plug, and at another location, plug in the other part and you have an instant access point networked to the first device (Available in various places and online, I get em at Staples for $109)


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Plug the XE102 into a wired or wireless router from any vendor, and then plug the WGX102 into any power outlet at your desired location to provide wireless access where desired.


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Peter Pan

Lots of luck ,

the router is actually located > wrote:

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Doesn't actually have to be on the same circuit (as in breaker), just on the same phase off the transformer.... Depending on where you live, there can be multiple buildings/places off one transformer tap, but in others, there can actually be several for one building..

Usually (not always, but a quick test and lets you know if you can investige further), are both buildings off the same electric meter? If only one electric meter for both buildings, then most likely they are on the same leg/phase/etc.. Another quick test is if there is one breaker panel servicing both areas, and if you turn off the main breaker (aside from upsetting the clocks making them flash 12, and po'ng off people), that's usually a good sign that they are on the same circuit/phase/leg/etc... wrote:

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> plug into the router and a wall plug, and at another location, plug

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