Best wireless router < 300 EURO for EUROPE is...???

Hi all--I'm looking for a European Standard wireless router and DSL modem that I can carry around with me in my numerous travels around Europe, set up with the numerous ISP providers I have (I will be toting my two computers with me, and be setting up accounts in various countries), that will give me the least amount of hassle, given the myriad EU regulations in this area (for example, Spain blocks certain lower channels in the 802.11 standard), for a price of less than 300E (or about $360), for a Windows XP Home Network that consists of two computers: a late model Dell laptop with wireless 801.11b/g built in and a late model Pentium 4 tower (with Ethernet 10/100 and USB ports) Any ideas?


What standard should I adopt? Wi-Fi (802.11? b or g?). Blue-tooth? Stick with Ethernet (wired) only? Remember the exercise is to get maximum compatibility with these countries: Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Malta, Switzerland, Denmark and Lithuania.


What is the best router, specifically a wired router and a wireless router for ADSL? I can live without wireless BTW, if wireless gives me problems (recall Spain, and I think, if memory serves me right, in Italy you technically need a commercial license of some sort to operate Wi-Fi--not that anybody really cares about the law, nor do I really care if I'm breaking the law since for the most part my transmission will be low power, for a single flat, two computers as per the above, so I doubt anybody would object).

Thanks in advance. I did check some official EU website for this issue, and, as can be expected for anything done by the EU, it was extremely comprehensive as well as extremely worthless. From what I could gather, 802.11b is not specifically banned in any country but there are restrictions ranging from blocking certain channels, max. power thresholds, and in some countries a commercial operators license ($$$) is required.


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