belkin wireless, just want wireless ethernet

i just bought a belkin wireless G router. my problem is that i have my home network set up. got a adsl modem, which goes into my linux server, and the server spreads it to my other 3 computers.

2 of them are laptops, so this is where the wireless would come into action.

so all i want is, that the wireless does the same job as the ethernet router does now. but i run the set up cd, asking me about internet connection, providers, user names and password for my braodband, and no documentation about simple wireless data transfer with out taking over my whole network. i don't want the new wireless router to give out ip addresses over dhcp or anything in this matter.

is it possible that i got the wrong hardware, or an anyone help me to just set it up, so it just functions like a ethernet router, but wireless.

cheers, dimitri

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On 10 Feb 2007 02:56:22 -0800, "dimitri" wrote in :

Set up your wireless router as an >> access point

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