Belkin and Linksys Routers locking up

Ok so here is whats going on, origionally I had a linksys router which I used and which I would have to hard boot at least 3 or 4 times a day in order to get it working again. It didn't always depend on traffic, or how many computers or wether the wireless was working it would just lock up. So recently, about a month or so ago I purchassed a Belkin f5d7230-4 wireless router/access point and switched to a secondary router I had obtained (a Belkin f5d5231-4). Now I'm on cable internet so I have the 5231 running as router so Modem to 5231 to a wireless switch which my desktops all 4 of them run on, (this helped EQ2 lag issues a great deal. also from the 5231 I have a cable running to the

7230 which is supposto be my wireless access point for the network.However I am still having issues with the 5231 router freezing periodically with no real reason as to why, sometimes it will be working and freeze when loading othertimes i'll be in the middle of an eq2 game and it will lock up. sometimes it will lock up when a laptop connects to the wireless. Any suggestions as to what oculd be causing this, If you would like any fruther info for diagnostics please ask and i'll be happy to post it.

On another related however side topic I have recently installed a wireless card in my neighbors computer he has 4 computers connected to his via the ethernet port we have been trying to find a stable way (i have gotten this to work but its intermitentent) to share my internet connection via his wireless card to all his desktops. I have managed to get all 4 working at the same time as all my desktops and laptops however it inevitably stops working after a few hours and it requires me to play with settings before it will start working again. Any suggestions?

if anyone has a comprehensive solution to these problems either by total reconfig or simple things I might be missing please let me know. Any refrences to documents dealing with these issues would be completly welcome. at this point I would settle for my router to stop freezing and to that end I have recently modified my old linksys router with a case fan and when i have managed to finish reconfiguring it to match the 5231 I will be swapping it back in to see if that fixes the problem. On an intresting side note, I have tried all the routers 5231,

7230, and the linksys befw11s4 v4 as the primary router and all three have the same lockup problem....I have a hard time believing the equip is faulty after having tested 3 of them all the computers are win2k or XP so perhaps there is a reason for it there who knows.

Thanks for your suggestions

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Reading further along, my guess would be that it's a BEFW11S4 v4. I used one of these router at home for about a year. It did the same thing. No amount of firmware updates, downgrades, tweaks, or tinkering would get Humpty Dumpty to stay on the wall. Bottom line is that it's a piece of junk and suitable for a door stop.

That would be a Belkin F5D5231-4. Try hard not to abrev or trunc.

Google find quite a few unfavorable user reviews on this router. For example:

Search for the model number and the word "hang" or "lockup". The hangs do not appear to be universal and there may be something unique about the ones that are hanging. It might be firmware version, hardware version, or specific lot number. I can't tell from here. Anyway, you seem to have a fatal attraction to unreliable wireless devices.

Post it in a separate message. Mixing topics is a guaranteed way to get me confused.

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