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Have read with interest the thread entitled "Wireless Broadband connections - a beginners question" as my situation is fairly similar. I am still unsure about something and hope you will be able to help...

We have one desktop PC (not wireless enabled but does have USB2) and one laptop (has 802.11b/g wireless LAN). We have Telewest cable broadband service, and would like to be able to access the internet on our laptop around the house, but also from our desktop. The desktop could use wires if necessary. It would be nice to be able to use the internet on both simultaneously...

Telewest have set it up that the modem is within the set-top cable TV box, and there is a Netgear M111 wireless access point attached to it by ethernet cable. This is SUPPOSED to be able to be picked up by our laptop card, but the laptop just says No networks in range. They sent us a USB receiver that plugs in to the laptop or PC and that makes the laptop work fine... The wireless acc point says it will only work with one computer at a time so looks like we cannot use it to do what we want and will have to buy something else. Any suggestions?

Hope this makes sense, sorry if i have rambled...!!

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The MA111 is a USB wireless adapter and is not an AP.

The MA111 only works with one unit or computer to make it wireless using the USB adapter.

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It's no more than you going out and buying a wire network card that's USB and plugging it into a computer for a wire connection, but it's wireless.

Wireless Access Point

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A NAT router

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A NAT router can be an all wire router only computers with a wire connction can be plugged into it. However, you can buy an WAP above and plug it into the router so that computer with a wireless connection can use the router to access the Internet.

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You can get a NAT router that has the wire part and a built in WAP fro the wireless part so that wire and wireless computers can share the connection to the Internet via the wire/wireless AP NAT router.

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I suggest you get a professional to come out and advise you and hook you up and save you some frustration. ;-)

Duane :)

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