B,G SMC can I use both to cover more?

I have upgraded from an SMC7004VWBR router/wired/wireless AP to an SMC2804WBRP-G router/wired/wireless AP to take advantage of 802.11g. All is working fine. I have found a dead zone on my front porch and I was wondering if I can use the old AP to cover that area? I have a 802.11g card in my laptop. I need a solid connection more then speed. I know G looks back at B but I am not sure how to add the second router/ap. I only have one Ethernet port on my computer and it is used by the G router. If it would work how do I wire it up and what settings should I use? Thanks for all your help.

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I retired my SMC7004VWBR because the wireless needed a reset every couple of days, used or not. My SMC7004WFW was retired because it worked fine with Windows 2000, but failed after a couple of hours connect time with WinXP on several different computers.

You can cable from your new router to the old router, and use it as a WAP-only by connecting to the LAN connector instead of the WAN connector.

Using a Netgear Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point

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advice should fit the SMC.

If you just have a dead spot, you might try a reflector.

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EZ-12, printed on photo paper for thick stock, with aluminum foil glued to the sail, provides a substantial boost in signal.
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