approx 2500 - 3000ft from my internet provider

My job is full of really cool people and they offered to let me use their internet if I can get an antennae to reach them. I live roughly

2500 to 3000ft away from them with a few buildings in between. Any suggestions before I go blow money on an antennae? unfortunately, I have an ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard and 2 monster Geforce 8800 video cards and the only PCI slot available on it is occupied by a creative X-FI sound card, so I am using the crappy integrated Realtek wifi card provided with it. If there is hardware to supplement this card I would be interested in purchasing that as well. Thanx for your time..

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WiFi need LoS; actually, better than simple (keyhole) Line of Sight, due to the Fresnel effect. With "a few buildings in between", you are not likely to succeed unless you can put the anetnnae on towers.

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