How to firmware upgrade Proxim 8551 AP without AP Controller?

Is it possible to firmware upgrade a Proxim 8551 Access Point without having an AP Controller? Maybe one of you guru's know about a program that have a feature for this?

And what is the latest firmware version and where can I download it? A Google search show a later version than the one I can download from Proxim support website!!!

Thanks Bent

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Bent Nielsen
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Does the AP have a serial inerface? If so you can use hyperterm to telnet in (under accessories,communications) to connect it to a PC and see if it has a firmware upgrade menu. You may have to play with the protocol settings to see what it uses but Id try TTY first.

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Bent Nielsen

Hi, there are only two ways to upgrade your 8550 or 8551 Harmony APs firmware. One is by using the Harmony AP Controller, the second is to send it into Proxim for them to do it. These APs were never ment to be used as a stand alone device, although they can be. They were meant to be used in a large enterprise enviroment were the AP controller and its LAN Managment cababilities would work the best.

Sorry about that. I know when I worked for Proxim from 1996 to 2000 we would do firmware upgrades for free, but I have no idea if they still do that or even if they still even provide support for Harmony products since they have bought the orinoco line and stopped producing Harmony in 2001.


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DLink Guru

Hi Robert "DLink Guru"

I also have another problem maybe you can and will help. I bought it in December 2004, I am living in Nepal and bought it in India and I know it is an older unit, but I could not find another.

Now the problem: when I got it I changed the IP-address, gateway IP, security to WEP 128bit and the Web-password. Now I am unable to make any changes. I login with the web-password and change the IP-address, Gateways IP and Submit the changes and it say "Network Configuration Updated Successfully", but after reboot it is coming up with the old configuration values and NOT the new. If I after submitting the new values and go back to see the Network values, it say the correct value in the Configured Values fields - the Current Value is still the old values.

Do you have any idea to what I can do/try to get the new values stored? Or is it possible to reset it back to the default factory sett>Hi, there are only two ways to upgrade your 8550 or 8551 Harmony APs

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