Ethernet converter back to AP?

I have an ethernet converter in my garage that talks to the AP in the house. I put a directional antenna on the ethernet converter which helped improve the signal.

I have a PC hooked up to the ethernet converter with a hard wired cable. I want to be able to use another laptop in the garage without haveing to run another cable. Is there another device I can add to the ethernet converter that will act like an AP so I can use wireless in the garage?


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What's the "ethernet converter"s Brand name and model #? Also, detailing the complete list of gear from your DSL/cable modem (or whatever), interior router/AP on down, will more likely entice people to give you informed answers.

Probably you want to get a wireless router for the garage and run the ethernet cable from your existing client radio into it so that it will give you both wired and wireless network connections.


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I something in my driveway, I'd like to get tires for it, which ones should I buy?

That's more or less the equivalent of what you asked. Ya gotta give model numbers and vendor names.

But basically it sounds like you'd just need another access point in the garage. One with switch ports on it so you can connect a wire from the gateway and the existing PC. There are lots of those on the market.

So give more info and get better answers.

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