Antenna Booster for Wireless Routers--can Linksys antenna or Hawking be used with any router?

I see that Radio Shack and Best Buy and CompUSA sell antenna booster (slighly larger) antennas for the Linsys routers. Could these be used on Dlin or Netgear as well with no problems? I do not have Netgear or Dlink so do not know the connection?

Any feelings on the Hawking Antennas and if they do any good?

Thanks, Patty

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Patty Amas
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Tipically Linksys routers use TNC connectors, while Dlink (and Netgear i suppose) use SMA connectors, so you'll need a connector/adapter (that could cost you 7-10USD).

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The radio shack one doesn't work (or didn't for me), the connector didn't connect very well.

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Heywood Jablome

I just got a Hawking high gain 6dBi omni antenna. It works great and has a reverse SMA connector. It also comes with an adaptor for the reverse TNC connector, so should fit most AP and Routers.

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Danny C

Check the loss through those connectors at the frequencies we are using. Just one connector adapter could easily equal 6db.

I am not saying that you will never realize better performance using such devices, because anything you put in the signal path can change the directionality of the antenna, which just could just end up filling a null that you had before and needed a signal. But generally you are better off with the smaller, direct mounted units in terms of sheer field strength numbers.

Ed Cregger

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The Amazing Seismo

Are you referring to the actual devices that increase the out put mw power?

I have a Hawking 6dbi directional antenna on one computer that was only getting a signal strength of 36% now with the Hawking antenna it is getting

84%, so it works well for me. That computer is on the second floor and needs to reach the basement of the house.

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I didn't have to use the adapter for my USR8054. When I did a site servey it was like this:

Signal Noise Before -57 -94 After -79 -90

So it looks like an improvement to me The SNR was much better after the addition of the Hawking antenna. I can also get an internet connection in my garage, about 45meters behind my house. I couldn't before and that was the reason for the antenna to begin with.


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