Add 802.11b AP to 802.11g network for B clients?

I am running a Netgear WGR614 broadband wireless router on my home network. All PCs on the network are using G adapters, but there is one client (a TiVo) connected with a 802.11b USB adapter. I am about to add another B client, a Squeezebox.

I would like to segregate the B clients to allow the G clients higher throughput. I have a surplus Netgear ME102 access point, and I could connect the ME102 to my home network over Cat5.

I would appreciate a pointer to any guide that would address my issue; several DejaGoogles failed to hit any post that covers the matter squarely.

Thanks for your attention.

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Shawn M. Winnie
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Shawn M. Winnie wrote in news:

What problems are you expecting? Just configure your 802.11b AP to a different channel and a different SSID. Give it a static IP address in the same subnet. Turn off the DHCP server function so there is only one on the network. Connect it up and away you go - easy peasy.

Configure your 'b' devices to associate with the 'b' AP, the 'g' devices to associate with the 'g' AP. You should be able to configure the 'g' AP to 'g only' mode, which should also improve things.

Hope this helps

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