Accessing AOL through wireless modem / router

I've given my Vigor 2600we to a friend and am trying to connect to her aol broadband.

Talked to help desk and all connection info is correct so the configuration of the modem seems just fine.

However, it won't connect to AOL.

The router says it has a line (and gives an up-time) but there's no AOL connection.

Has any one else had a problem like this?

If so, did you fix it? and how?



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A quick search turned up this quote

The Vigor2600 is compatible with all ISPs in the UK and Channel Islands (excluding AOL & Compuserve who use their own proprietary authentication methods)

Not sure if you are i the UK though. Its possible this has been fixed by firmware. Worth a try


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Thanks for that - I'll give it a go (I am in UK), and the current firmware is well over a year old.


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