Well, I know that the time is coming to eventually retire my 802.11a that is used for my WLAN. I do have a lot heavy local (non-internet) WLAN traffic that would justify it.

Is 802.11n really close to everything that it is hyped up to be? What are some of the 'gotchas'?

Probably going to wait for it to get out of draft and be completetly finalized...

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Have you ever considered using wires or fiber instead of wireless?


Very short range, more susceptible to interference, inconsistent performance, and tends to fall back to 802.11g a the slightest provocation. More:

The only good parts is that it's potentially faster than 802.11g and that it seems to tolerate room reflections slightly better. You might want to read the reviews and comments on 802.11n on:

Nope. Once finalized, then it's time for the proprietary enhancements and compatibility problems.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks.. LOL, yeah, I'm sure there will be 802.11n Super-Duber-Turbo-Only-Works-With-Three-Pieces-Of-Hardware-In-The-World modes...

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