VoIP in Ad-hoc n/w

HI, Need help in desiging VoIP service for Ad-hoc n/ws. Objective is that there should be no cenralised point in it. It will be useful in scenarios like Disasters when different teams arrive and they need to communicate.

*It will use sip to communicate, (each node will be having sip server and client) *Routing protocol in Ad-hoc n/w will be AODV *Each node has to broadcast its presence to others *There should be no IP address conflict, I thought of using Duplicate Address Detection (DAD)

So please suggest me

#What sip server will be appropriate ( SER, Asterisk, Partysip...?) #How to do DAD #Do I need any DNS services

In my view a SIP proxy server is required to make DNS queries and forward the calls to appropriate domain.... In above case......do I really need Sip proxy server......???

Need your suggestions? Gurminder

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Hi, Gurminder,

If you are considering more about Ad-hoc meeting.I think a MCU is must.But no one can guarantee free SIP proxy could work smoothly with a commercial MCU.

Among commercial SIP proxies, VCON's MXM, CLICK TO MEET and Microsoft LCS support MCU well or have soft MCU(host based).

And I would recommend neither CISCO CallManager 5.0 nor CISCO SIP Proxy Server 2.X, as they do not support third party endpoint well.

Joe film snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com

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