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'Morning people,

I have tried to do my homework before hand, so not to harass you people, but I guess it would be much more practical if someone here perhaps have an idea what would be the best way (if there is any, really) to make the following scenario work.

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It's simple, I hoped to connect my home PC with my office WiFi - distance is around 300 meters, no LoS - both places are at around same height though it doesn't make any difference - my office within the building is turned the opposite side from my home, it has 3 weak internal AP's (Airlive WL5460AP) as redundancy option for LAN - my IT is ok with me to use the WiFi from home if I can connect to it - the problem is that I don't have roof access neither in my office building nor in my home building. Also, I can't mount anything on the outside of my office building. There is a small balcony where I could mount something small, not overly obvious, but it would be outside at least.

However, I have the authorization to mount any practical piece of equipment inside the office - stronger AP, router, another PC, even antenna, whatever I can put on or under my desk or closet in the office.

As for my home, I can also mount whatever I want on the outside window that is pointing roughly at the direction of the office. At home, I have a lousy Ralink turbo wireless card with a rubber duck antenna, and due to reflection between buildings I can even catch some local WiFi networks but pretty weak.

The Google earth image is depicting the reallife situation. A building and a few houses are in between home and office.

Bow, I don't have a lot of cash, but I am willing to invest, since at office I have unrestricted access to 2x155Mb backbone. Network is protected with MAC filtering and WEP, but as I said, I am authorized to use it if only I can somehow connect to it. Also, with my Nokia 9500 Communicator smartphone, it's internal WiFi antenna at 100mw (claimed anyway) got the Good signal of one of the AP's at some 50 meters outside.

Any suggestion or comment will be greatly appreciated.


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No Los, no WiFi. In fact, you need better than "keyhole" LoS -- for starters, see:

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Bob Willard

I'm fairly new to this... but the only sure-fired system I can think of would be to use the Tranzeo Radios a the 900 MHZ band.

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I have a similar setup here running a distance 1600 meters. I get great signal and about 9 mb/sec downloads.

You'd need one at each end. The downside is that you can't do it for less than $600. But that is a very good price considering similar equipment.


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