2 wireless routers w/print servers?

I bought a new D-Link vpn router with a built-in USB print server. I also have a older D-link router that _also_ has a built-in print server.

Is it possible to connect different printers to both these routers have them talk to each other on my home network? I would assume so, in the sense that I know you can hook multiple wireless routers up to extend the range of a wireless network. I'd like to keep both routers right next to each other, I'd just like 2 printers on my network.

Is this possible? If so, what sort of setup am I googling for to find resources? is this an ad-hoc network?


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Gwen Morse
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Why not? It's the computer's O/S that must be configured to use a network printer if the computer can see the printer server on the router.

You can use routers to segregate networks that's what routers do.

No, an ad-hoc network deals with wireless card to wireless card networking no Wireless Access Point such as a wireless AP router or standalone WAP device is invloved.

Duane :) .

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Duane Arnold

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 16:56:27 -0400, Gwen Morse wrote in :


No, unless:

  1. you can configure one of them as a wireless client bridge; or
  2. you turn off wireless on one of them and connect by wire.

  1. Tricky to do.
  2. Not what you're trying to do.

See above.


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John Navas

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