Administering VoIP Behind Router

My setup has a cable modem feeding a Linksys wired router, with the T/A (D-Link DVG-1120M) behind the router. Everything seems to be working well, and I can administer the router with, etc. However the T/A, which shows up as in the client list, cannot be administered with this IP. The default T/A IP ( doesn't work either. Comments gladly accepted.

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Armond Perretta
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my setup is similar: modem-----TA----router----pc

100.1 15.1 0.1

This is the ideal setup because the TA can apply QoS (quallity of service) and throttle back io to the router to maintain the phone servce at 100%.

i HAVE the 1120M and a linksys router

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Rick Merrill

Responding to my own post (oops). I learned that by using the LAN port on the T/A with a computer set for DCHP auto, I can just admin the T/A with its default IP. This is what happens when you send a boy (me) to do a man's (network administrator) job.

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