VPN server for use with native XP client?


Does anyone have a recommendation for a VPN server (perferably dedicated hardware) that will work with XP's built-in VPN client, rather than making you install some custom software?


- Ian

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Ian Chard
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Nortel VPN Router for deployments over 10 users. Netopia 3300-ENT series for small deployments of only a few remote users and slower speed cable modem and ADSL deployments. model 1010 VPN router is the small unit, and they go up from there.

One other that supports PPTP I have worked with (The protocol of the XP VPN client) is Watchguard X Core series (But not the Edge or SOHO lines).

There are others, these are the ones I'm familear with.

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Mike Drechsler - SPAM PROTECTE

Which VPN client? For how many users?

L2TP or some IPSEC client is certainly preferred these days, but if you only want the ubiquous PPTP client, then there are tons of options. A Cisco router or Linksys WRT54G with custom firmware can both act as a PPTP Server.


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There is also

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They sell good little VPN servers for networks.

Email: snipped-for-privacy@snapgear.com.au and tell Ross, that Josh from Mitchell IT, recommended you to him.

Rob wrote:

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For PPTP, you have a ton of options. Personally, I've done it with the WatchGuard Firebox series (not Edge/SOHO), PIX firewall, and ISA Server, but there are more out there than that.

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Scott Lowe

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