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Hi, I have a nightmare vpn issue. I am using Cisco 501PIX units on a site to site vpn, they both have Linksys WAG54 modems at each site. My vpn works fine, can login into domain server across it OK, and can FTP at speeds of around 20KB/SEC. But I have an application (an Alarm application called Velocity, it is a client/server application, and the client posts records into a sql database thru the vpn to the server. But it is taking around 20 seconds to add a record, on the lan it takes 2. I have adjusted the MTU and TCPWindowSize but to no avail. I have tried using SQL enterprise manager thru the vpn and that works perfectly. I have measured the bandwith each transaction takes with the programme and it is tiny so i cannot see it being a bandwith issue.

How else can I troubleshoot this problem?! Anyone know as I have been doing this on and off for weeks now!

Thank you. Dave

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