VPN Setup and accessed, but a couple of questions....


First off, I hope am asking this in the right group, and apoligize if not.

This is my first attempt at setting up a VPN using WindowsXP Professional. I'm giving all the details of my setup process so please bear with me...

Using broadband at work and home.

Here is my setup

At work I have WindowsXP Professional Drive "D" (slave drive) Shared. I went through the Network Wizard and setup a VPN Server. Setup up advanced connection Accept incoming connections Allow virtual private connections Setup User Permissions Allow Callers to access my local area network Set Static IP. IP is to (only 3 connections is all I need) As you may have guessed, my work LAN is behind a Linksys Router (BEFW11S4) which I have gone in and forwared port 1723. IPSec Passthrough, PPTP Passthrough, and PPPoE Passthrough are all enabled. Both Home and Work computers are on the same workgroup (MYPLACE)

Now at home I setup a VNP Client (Home computer has XP Professional.) Start Network Wizard... Connect to the network at my workplace... Virtual Private Network Connection... Give the connection a name...(workcpu) Click "Do not dial inital connection"... Enter the host IP (which is the public IP 68.6.170.xxx) extracted from the router's status page at work, and added a shortcut to desktop (why not)

Ok all done. Double click on workcpu connection.. comes up with username and password.. inputed connection established... Verifying Username and password... done. Registering on the network.. done!


So I go to Network Places ... View workgroup computers and expect to find a few other computers there... None, except my usual local area network computers.


So I do a google search... do a little reading and finally, I'm able to "map" a drive by typing \\\\\\d that works! I can see my files at work, but of course this is really not what I had in mind. Mapping a drive will give you an error the next time your reboot. "Can't connect to drive bla bal bal"

Is there any way to access the shared drive without mapping? or get my workcpu to showup in Network Neighborhood?

Or if I unshare the entire drive and just share a few folders on the VPN Server?

I also read about editing the host file. I can do this if I knew what settings to use and on which computer to edit the host file.

Thanks Kendall

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